2011. szept. 24.

C shell Hello World!

echo Hello World!

Common Lisp Hello World!

Suppose a function foo writes to standard output:
(defun foo () (format t "Hello, world")) 
To capture its output in a character string, *standard-output* can be bound to a string stream and called:
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*) (foo))

COMAL Hello World!

PRINT "Hello World!"

Cola Hello World!

string mesg = "Hello world\n"; main() { print(mesg); }

Corba Hello World!

class Hello def main print 'Hello, World'

CobolScript Hello World!

* "Hello world" program * DISPLAY `Content-type: text/html`. DISPLAY LINEFEED. DISPLAY ``. DISPLAY `
Hello World

Clojure Hello World!

(println "Hello, world!")